Why you should continually challenge yourself

July 28, 2018

Photos taken by Nadia Kendall (@nadia.k_photography) At the beginning of every new year, many people including myself, set themselves goals and objectives to work towards in order to become happier and more successful. More often than not, other priorities fill our lives and we neglect the things that could help us achieve personal growth and we forget to check how far we’ve made it. This post…

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3 books to read over summer

July 5, 2018

As the summer holiday season is approaching and everyone is having a short or long break from university or work, people will find time again for the simple pleasures in life such as reading. Personally, I enjoy reading on holidays by or just in the evening somewhere outside on a bench to either dive into a mesmerising fictional story or to learn new approaches to…

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My 5 beauty routine staples

July 3, 2018

Generally, when it comes to my beauty regime I tend to try different products regularly using little samples that come in gift sets or subscription boxes to hopefully discover some gems that rock my world (do you get the pun?). However, there are just some products that have become my absolute favourites and I can’t properly carry out my routine without them as they are…

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Inside my makeup collection | Colourpop

June 25, 2018

After a little break I finally managed to finish this article as well as video which took me around a week (which is way longer than I would have wanted it to) to edit and prepare. Honestly, I believe it mainly took long as I tried to get back into the swing of things after lectures started again and my priorities have shifted. Anyway I…

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A trip to Volterra | Travel

I recently went on holiday to Switzerland and Italy with my family and my boyfriend. It was just such a relaxing time that helped me recharge before the upcoming term craziness. For this particular reason I also didn’t feel like I had the motivation to take photos most days, however I managed to write 2 posts and share a video while I was away. (yay…

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