My makeup tool essentials | Best sponges and brushes below £15

Today I am doing a little bit of a breakdown of my favourite makeup brushes and sponges for you, some of which I use on the daily. I don’t have a crazy selection of tools although some of my friends might disagree haha. Most of these tools I’ve owned for over a year (except the fan and eyeliner brush) so I’ve tried those out on many occasions and I can say that they’ve never disappointed me. If you always wash your brushes correctly, they can often last you for years. I don’t think brushes need to be extremely expensive to […]

My step-by-step brow routine | Natural brow tutorial 2017

Before we start, these are my natural brows. They’re not terrible and I get through life without a pair of amazing bushy brows but I personally prefer them to be a bit more defined. However, this is not going to be an Insta-brow tutorial as I just think it doesn’t suit me and looks too harsh on myself. If you’re like me and you like your brows to be filled in properly and you’re not naturally blessed in that department, this post is for you. For way too long, I didn’t know what I was doing and I filled them […]

Mia Connor-inspired makeup look | June 2017

This is what I would like to call an ‘hommage’ to my new favourite Makeup Artist Mia Connor (@miaconnor on Instagram). She’s an autralian make-up artist who won the Australian Makeup Artist of the year award in 2015. I recently discovered her Instagram which has left me inspired and motivated to recreate her signiture look. Mia Connor’s approach to makeup seems to be fairly different to other big names in the industry, she stands out by creating the most flawless and dewy bases. Also, she doesn’t seem to be following trends such as extreme conturing or baking, and her creations […]

Sunset-inspired makeup look | Morphe 35O

In honour of the start of spring yesterday, and a rather decent day regarding weather here in Wales, I was inspired to created this warm sunset makeup look which is really easy and fun to recreate. I believe that this look is actually wearable for daytime and you could even tone the lip down by just wearing gloss with the eye look if this is too out of the box for you. However I believe, that makeup should be fun and sometimes a little bit of experimenting with different colours will actually help you find something you enjoy. Unfortunately my […]

Lipbook | from nude to dark 2016

Welcome to my new and improved blog where I share my thoughts on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and all the things that I love and matter to me. I’ve decided to finally take the plunge and re-launch my blog with my own domain and through WordPress. I will be sharing some of my old favourite posts with you as I believe they are still relevant and I was proud to create them. In the following weeks I will create lots of fresh, new content that is a lot more relevant to me now and that is more meaningful as well as […]