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About GB

Golden Bohemian originally went online in 2010 and focuses on everything that makes life enjoyable and beautiful. Initially, the content was solely focused around fashion and style, whereas it has expanded to cosmetics-, travel- and general lifestyle content over the course of its existence.

Golden Bohemian is Jo Welter’s creation, who is currently a Marketing with Mangement student in Wales but is originally from Luxembourg. From a young age, she has enjoyed playing around with clothes in her grandma’s closet and has always tried to discover her own fashion sense without following every trend. She is also a firm believer that style can be achieved with affordable items and doesn’t have to be designer to make you feel your best.

Hello, I’m Jo and I wanted to explain a bit more how or why I created this blog.

When I was in my early teens I discovered a site called ‘Lookbook’ where people shared their outfits online and I soon found many girls and boys who heavily inspired me. I felt a bit stuck and uninspired with the outfits everyone was wearing in my school at the time, and I didn’t really care for big brand names that these people were wearing. I was seeking something more authentic, something more fun and unique. I quickly discovered that the people sharing their style on this network often had an own blog, which made me question whether I had what it took to create one my own. Of course I did! Cause everyone does if they have something they are passionate about and want to share.

I started out on Blogger which I’ve only changed in 2018 with the launch of this new, improved version of Golden Bohemian in order to share more and in a more enjoyable way.

When I was looking for a blog name in 2010 I was reading up online and everything that the articles said felt wrong and unauthentic to me. I didn’t want to be another ‘Jo loves’ I was looking for something different so I brainstormed for a while and I asked myself what is the first thing people always noticed about me which was my hair. People used to call me ‘goldie’ so I thought I could incorporate that into the name, and I thought about music and my favourite songs ever when ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ came to mind. That’s how I came up with the name that has since then stuck with my blog and I considered changing it on multiple occassions, but I didn’t  want to betray my original baby haha.

I really hope you enjoy the content I create, as much as I enjoy creating it and thinking of stories to share. I invite you to read as much as you like and hopefully return for more very soon.


With love,

Jo x