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My 5 beauty routine staples

July 3, 2018

Generally, when it comes to my beauty regime I tend to try different products regularly using little samples that come in gift sets or subscription boxes to hopefully discover some gems that rock my world (do you get the pun?). However, there are just some products that have become my absolute favourites and I can’t properly carry out my routine without them as they are my necessities. This little post is not to claim that anything is a must (except sunscreen!) in terms of having a beauty regime but more to explain why these products have positively influenced the way I look and feel.

  1. Even with my curly hair, I tend to brush my hair every morning and before and after every shower. Now you can imagine the situation my hair was in using a generic hair brush. As a result of many years of crazy hair dilemma, I finally purchased a Tangle teezer around 2-3 years ago. It’s just the best to properly get all the knots out, you know the deal, and is definitely worth the money.
  2. One important part of my beauty routine is my sunscreen I use every single day. I am definitely not an expert on what’s best and worst for certain skin types, so I don’t really want to pretend like I know what will work for everyone. After having watched ..nicole’s video on sunscreens, I have expended my knowledge a little bit and purchased on of the cheaper options she mentioned which had the highest level of protection. I’ve used the Etude House sunprise Mild Airy finish sunscreen for around a month now and it hasn’t caused me any skin irriations or breakouts so I can happily say that this product works for me.
  3. Body exfoliation is one of my absolute musts to keep my skin smooth and maintain its young appearance. I believe that exfoliating once a week is probably around the right amount for my skin needs for it not to strip my skin to much but also to get rid of the right amount of skin cells. For me personally, I don’t believe that the price tag on an exfoliator makes a big difference. However, I do believe that more natural scrubs tend to work better for myself and I also enjoy the natural smell a lot more. My absolute favourite exfoliator is the Lush coffee scrub which just has the most beautiful coffee scent which is perfect for a coffee lover like myself. I also use it on my face now and then as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, but keeping in mind that the beads are big so I only use the tiniest amount.
  4. Unfortunately, I have to deal with extremely chapped lips most days so trying to keep them looking as juicy as Angelina’s is tricky sometimes. I’ve tried numerous affordable lip balms and treatments in the past and none of them have really done much for me. I did like the Nuxe miel but I did find it a bit expensive for what it did. So finally, I’ve found something that actually works: Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter is my new little gem that I need to carry with me at all times. This product has transformed the appearance of my lips and has made my life so much easier.
  5. My final beauty staple are oils, some of which I use on my face, skin, nails as well as hair. I believe that a good general coconut oil as well argan oil can help improve hydration of skin and hair. Around three months ago, I had a very strange skin concern: my under-eyes has basically cracked, there were noticeable little rips in my skin that were red and irritated due to extreme dryness. I can tell you that I’ve tried everything in the book, gentle soothing creams, normal under-eye creams. However, all of them were just too harsh for my very delicate under-eyes so that I finally found a girl on youtube with the same problem. It solved my problem within a few days which was astonishing. From then on, I haven’t used any other under-eye products and general products to soothe dry skin. Currently I am using a generic Coconut oil from Boots as well as The Ordinary’s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil formulated for hair and skin.


Now you might think, Jo this is so generic everyone knows these things? However, I do believe, that the basic beauty staples lay a foundation that help improve confidence and help you feel good in your own skin. Ultimately it comes down to what makes you feel good about yourself, and these few products help me a lot to feel put together and like I am taking good care of myself.



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