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3 cruelty-free skin care products used in korean beauty regimes

June 17, 2019

Since the beginning of spring, I have decided to focus more on my cruelty-free skin care routine rather than the makeup I wear. I believe that taking care of your skin is super important and should of course be combined with a balanced diet. After having conducted a lot of research regarding korean skin care regimes I’ve tried several steps and have found that three are essential to my daily routine now: cleansing, using an SPF and toning. Of course, there are many other important steps but I believe using good products for these 3 has made a huge impact on my skin health.

By transitioning to  cruelty-free beauty and cosmetics alternatives, I have discovered many new brands. One of my new discoveries is Cosrx: one of the very few korean cruelty-free skincare brands! This brand is affordable and its products are full of lovely ingredients.

To start my day right and wash off all the excess dirt on my face, I like to use a cleanser that doesn’t strip my naturally combo/dry skin and leaves it feeling clean. The Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser has become my essential product for this steps. It foams up a little bit and leaves a scent of tea tree oil on the face, which is just one of its many natural ingredients. What I really like about it is that it rebalances the skin because of its close pH levels to actual skin.

Another essential part in my daily skin care routine is using an SPF facial moisturizer because it can help prevent any signs of ageing and of course skin cancer. Skin is the largest organ we have and I believe in taking care of it and keeping it as healthy as possible. The Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream has an SPf 50 PA+++ , meaning it protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays. You should be wearing sunscreen even in the winter to make sure to protect your skin against environmental damages because it acts as a protective shield. Due to the ingredient Aloe, the sunscreen is moisturizing and hydrating. However the formula is not waterproof and should therefore be re-applied during the day. I love applying it underneath my makeup because it nicely hydrates the skin while protecting it at the same time. However, it is important to note that it contains alcohol as well as fragrance which can be off-putting for people with very sensitive skin. It has not irritated my personal skin and therefore I will continue using it on a daily basis.

Furthermore, a step which I discovered through korean skin care routines is toning. Toners are liquids that penetrate the skin and help hydrate and often remove dead skin cells resulting in plumper and glowier skin. This toner from The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution is an AHA which acts as a chemical exfoliant for your skin. As someone who sometimes has slightly more sensitive skin (depending on the season), it is a good gateway into AHAs because it is not too strong for beginners yet effective enough for more experienced skin care lovers. I like this cruelty-free product because it is effective on my skin and has a very low price point and it is vegan too! I always make sure to moisturize after using this product.

Hopefully this post motivates you to try new skincare products and not be too scared about adding new steps to your routine. Also, I think these products are great for beginners because they are cheap and cheerful and have provided lovely results on my personal skin. They are also universally suitable for younger, older, dry, oily skin and males which is awesome! I would love to hear your thoughts and your own experiences with these products or similar ones.

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