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Back to UNI | DIY organisation board

September 6, 2018

Back to school or university is right around the corner which means that us, students, have to slowly but surely start preparing for the upcoming term. This will be my third and final year of my bachelors degree, which leaves me feeling excited and sad at the same time as it will come to an end a lot quicker than I had hoped for. Over the course of the september I will be sharing my tips and tricks with you on how I organise myself before goingback to university. The posts will be focused on organisation, staying on track, life and makeup on a budget, as well as just my general advice for making the most out of the upcoming school year.

Today I am showing you how I created an affordable alternative to buying a general pin-board which can be used to enhance your daily routine. Over the last two years of uni I have used a larger version of this organisation board I will be showing you today and it has genuinely made the biggest difference to my life and not forgetting important tasks or meetings.

What you will need for this DIY:

a frame (I suggest getting a cheap one from a second hand shop)

a printer or paper with pattern on

some white paper

some colourful pens (gold or silver ones would be cute too!)

a gluestick

Once you have found or bought a photo frame, measure out the length of each side (if it isn’t marked anywhere) of the frame and write it down. The basic idea of this DIY organisation board is to put in a little planner into the frame instead of a photo, where you can write on as if it were a whiteboard with your own personalised design.

To find a nice background layout for my board, I looked up some wallpaper options on Pinterest which I then printed out as closely to the required size as possible. I then cut the background according to the size needed to fit the frame.

The next step is where you can fully customise your organisation board to suit your personal needs. Personally, I like to have a short overview of my weekly calendar easily accessible in my room, therefore it is the biggest section on my planner. Furthermore, I added a TO DO list which is very useful, especially at the beginning of term when you need to buy books, sort out any issues that you may encounter along the way. At the top of my organiser I have a deadlines section to remind myself of when any uni work is due. I also added a cheesy quote and some random stickers to add a fun twist to the overall look.

The best thing about this quick and affordable DIY is that you can constantly change your planner depending on your style or mood and it won’t cost you much money at all. This DIY may seem ridiculously simple but it has genuinely saved me from forgetting important tasks more than once and I would highly recommend that you buy or create something similar for university or school.

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