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Inside my makeup collection | Colourpop

June 25, 2018

After a little break I finally managed to finish this article as well as video which took me around a week (which is way longer than I would have wanted it to) to edit and prepare. Honestly, I believe it mainly took long as I tried to get back into the swing of things after lectures started again and my priorities have shifted. Anyway I am sharing this ‘Inside my makeup collection’ post with you, which I am hoping to turn into a little series on this blog featuring various brands at completely different price points. Below I attached the video where I swatched all of these products and also featured some eyeshadows, liners and face products. On the article here I will further evoke my favourite colourpop lip formulas and which I wouldn’t recommend and why.

About the formula: The Lippie Stix formula was the first one the brand released and is my personal favourite. The formula is creamy while being extremely pigmented as you can see on these try-on photos as well as the swatches on the video. There are still a few options in this formula as there are mattes and x mattes. The x mattes being even matter while the normal mattes look quite creamy. The Lippie Stix are extremely comfortable to wear, they are however not transfer proof, which is quite normal for a lipstick of this kind.

About the formula: The Ultra Satin Lip has probably become the most popular formula amongst many people as it offers the drying down property of a matte liquid lip without leaving your lips dried out. It also doesn’t break up unlike more matte formulas and is comfortable on the lips. It is not completely transfer proof but still has a strong staying power for such a lightweight-feeling product.

About the formula: The Ultra Metallic Lip has a surprisingly light feel to it. Wearing metallic lips usually makes me feel like Christmas is around the corner, which is why I only wear it on more fun/special occasions as it is relatively out of my comfort zone. It can be worn on its own like in these photos or as a sort of lip topper to add a little bit of shine.

About the formula: The Ultra Matte Formula used to get a lot of hate for being really drying until Colourpop reformulated it. All of my shades besides Embellish are still the old formula, hence why they are an awful lot more drying than the deep brown shade. The formulas strong attribute is having extreme pigmentation which is especially great for deep or colourful shades. Personally, I don’t love the way this applies and believe there are way better matte liquid lip formulas on the market.

About the formula: The Ultra Glossy lip actually comes in a few different finishes, some of which have a lot of glitter in it or some like Weho who have a creamy finish. Considering it is a gloss it is quite comfortable on the lips because it doesn’t have an extreme stickiness to it. However, my gloss tupe just looks nasty and sticky which is a big downside for me.

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