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Mia Connor-inspired makeup look | June 2017

May 31, 2018

This is what I would like to call an ‘hommage’ to my new favourite Makeup Artist Mia Connor (@miaconnor on Instagram).

She’s an autralian make-up artist who won the Australian Makeup Artist of the year award in 2015. I recently discovered her Instagram which has left me inspired and motivated to recreate her signiture look.

Mia Connor’s approach to makeup seems to be fairly different to other big names in the industry, she stands out by creating the most flawless and dewy bases. Also, she doesn’t seem to be following trends such as extreme conturing or baking, and her creations seem extremely timeless and beautiful to me. Her face makeup always looks luminous and glowy. Also, she emphasizes eyebrows and makes them appear bushy and wild. Unfortunately I couldn’t recreate this specific signiture element  as I am not blessed in the brow department. In addition to this, Mia creates variations of smokey eye looks, which are mostly brown, golden and rose tones. Long lashes are a stand-out feature for most of her models‘ makeup looks, however they don’t look overdone, but long and eye-catching. Mia’s most stand-out looks all have one thing in common: highlighter everywhere. Most looks have radiant skin and a blinding highlight. In my opinion Mia’s looks can suit everyone and I love the fact that her approach is one that enhances , rather than try to adapt facial structures.

For my recreation, I used the Body Shop Radiant liquid Highlighter to give my face  glowy complexion before adding foundation. Of course I didn’t use a matte foundation for this but a medium coverage one with a dewy finish (I went out that night, otherwise I would have worn a BB or CC cream). For further highlighting I used the ‘girl meets pearl’ liquid pearl for face by benefit. On top of that, I wore Becca Champagne Pop as a powder highlight, which Mia seems to use quite frequently on her clients according to her Instagram.

On my eyes I used matte rose and purple shades for my crease, and added a shimmery dark brown as a lid colour. To bring back light to the eye I used a champagne coloured metallic eyeshadow on the middle of my eyelid. To darken up the look I used my gel liquid liner and created a small wing (which then got out of hand, we’ve all been there) and put on several generous coats of mascara.

For the lips, Mia Connor switches it up between matte dark lip colours and juicy nude lipglosses. I decided to go with the second option by first using the matte Honey Love lipstick by Mac (which I can’t wear unless I put something on top as it is extremely pale and washes me out). Secondly I added the Ultra Plush Lipgloss by Benefit on top in the shade Fauxmance to add a hint of pink back onto the lips.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this little post and possibly have discouvered a new artist you will like. I have to apologize for my crazy dry skin texture in these photos which don’t do the glowy and radiant products justice, sometimes you just can’t do anything about it.

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