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My makeup tool essentials | Best sponges and brushes below £15

June 24, 2018

Today I am doing a little bit of a breakdown of my favourite makeup brushes and sponges for you, some of which I use on the daily. I don’t have a crazy selection of tools although some of my friends might disagree haha. Most of these tools I’ve owned for over a year (except the fan and eyeliner brush) so I’ve tried those out on many occasions and I can say that they’ve never disappointed me. If you always wash your brushes correctly, they can often last you for years. I don’t think brushes need to be extremely expensive to perform well which I will show you today. I will try to provide the links and prices for you as well, which might be helpful.

ONE-Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge-£5.99

This sponge was the first one I ever bought and I have to say I’ve used it so much in previous years. Now my beautyblender has taken over as my favourite sponge but I still use the Real Techniques one for baking or applying loose setting powder on my undereye area as it has smaller pores and doesn’t absorb as much product.

TWO-Beautyblender Pro-£15

As already mentioned the Pro version of the Beautyblender is my favourite makeup sponge. I bought this a year ago and I’ve been taking good care of it and I have to admit it is still in the same shape as when I bought it. Keep in mind that it is dry on the photo and really expands a lot which I love. I use this on a daily basis for my concealer, as well as to blend out cream blushes or to erase product for instance when I use too much highlighter (we’ve all been there).  £15 can seem expensive for a little sponge which was why I didn’t purchase this before, but it is worth the money in my opinion if you’re someone who struggles with makeup application as it has multiple purposes.

 THREE-Morphe M143 Deluxe Soft Fanbrush-£11.95

This is one of my lastest additions to my collection and I really enjoy it. If you’re someone who struggles with contouring this is the easiest tool to use with contouring powders for a defined look. On the other hand it enables you to diffuse your contour by using up and down motions to make the contour lines not look too harsh. I also love using this with matte bronzers.

FOUR-Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush-£14.50 

I love this brush so much as it is very versatile again. I can either use it for liquid or cream foundations for a more full-coverage look compared to the beautyblender or for cream blushes. The biggest issue with this is that I need to commit to one purpose until I wash it again. It is really great to really blend products into the skin and leaves a “soft” diffused look.

FIVE-Real Techniques Powder Brush-£8.75

This is probably the oldest brush I own and it is still doing a great job after all this time. Almost no bristles have fallen out of it, which is amazing considering the huge amount of washes it has been through. I used to use this to apply setting powder all over my face, which I don’t tend to do anymore. I now use it for my matte or non-matte bronzers and it works lovely for this.

SIX-Real Techniques Setting Brush-£5.43

This Real Techniques brush is actually meant to be a setting brush. However, I use it for highlighter as I just think it might be slightly too small for setting powder but perfect for highlighting.

SEVEN-Zoeva Luxe Highlight Brush 105-£12.99

Just like with the previous brush I use this one for a different purpuse than it is designed to. I prefer this as an undereye setting brush as it’s big enough and has this more precise tip to get close enough to the eye to set properly. It is also extremely soft and applies evenly which I love.

EIGHT-Zoeva Luxe Soft Crease Brush 221-£8.99

These two Zoeva crease brushes are probably the only ones you could ever possibly need. I use this one for an overall diffused crease colour. On some days when I just like to wear one colour on my eyes as an easy “wash of colour” I use this brush to apply it all over (somtimes even bronzer).

NINE-Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease Brush 231-£8.99 

This brush is essentially a smaller version of the soft crease brush. However, the tip is nice and pointy which is great to use on the outer V section of the eye to deepen a look. This brush is what I recommend if you’re into smokey eyes as it places to colour really nicely and can be used along with the luxe soft crease brush for a softer effect.

TEN-Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush-£13.32 (in set of 5)

I don’t think this brush is available as a single but it is definitely available in some of Real Techniques sets. The particular one I linked is the Eye Starter kit as TWELVE is also part of it. This brush is nice to apply eyeshadow to the eyelid, I also like it to apply primer or concealer before the eyeshadow application.

ELEVEN-Look good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush-£5.72

I received this brush two years ago when I ordered one of the LookFantastic subscription boxes. I have to say initally this didn’t impress me that much as most shading brushes I’ve tried were rather decent. This one has lasted me a long time though and still looks like it’s new after I’ve used it many time, which is impressive for the price.

TWELVE-Real Techniques Accent Brush-£13.32 (in set of 5)

This brush is again part of the Real Techniques Starter kit and it is great to smoke out the lower lashline with eyeshadow, smoke out eyeliner or even apply an inner corner highlight on the eyes.

THIRTEEN-Zoeva Wing Liner Brush 317-£7.99 

This is probably my favourite out of all the brushes. I’v never been good at doing eyeliner at all, to be very honest I was quite terrible for someone who was into makeup that much. This brush has helped me so much as it just enables to apply gel eyeliner so easily. I actually manage to do quite a decent wing using this brush.

Hope you enjoyed this breakdown of my makeup tools. As you can see the most expensive tool I use is the beautyblender but I think it’s really worth it for me. This might also show you that brushes don’t have to be crazy expensive to be good. I usually look at Cult Beauty to look for Zoeva and Morphe brushes or on Amazon for Real Techniques products.

What are your favourite makeup tools? I would love to discover new ones.

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