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My step-by-step brow routine | Natural brow tutorial 2017

June 24, 2018

Before we start, these are my natural brows. They’re not terrible and I get through life without a pair of amazing bushy brows but I personally prefer them to be a bit more defined. However, this is not going to be an Insta-brow tutorial as I just think it doesn’t suit me and looks too harsh on myself. If you’re like me and you like your brows to be filled in properly and you’re not naturally blessed in that department, this post is for you. For way too long, I didn’t know what I was doing and I filled them in using the wrong products and the wrong techniques. Finally, I have to give credit to the Youtube queen Jaclyn Hill who mentioned parts of this on one of her videos ages ago and I have never looked back. This technique has helped me so much and that’s why I would like to share.

I generally use a brow pencil or definer, on this particular day I used the NYX Micro Brow Pencil but I also recommend the ABH Brow definer and the Benefit Goof Proof. I am not going to focus on the shades too much but with my blonde hair I prefer an ashy colour, so I usually go for taupe unless they offer a nice blonde shade which is not too red.

1. I start off brusing through my brow hair and continue by outlinging the tail of the brow and go over it a couple of times to makes sure it is visible. This will help in the next few steps but this is also extremely useful if you want to pluck your brows and are unsure of whether you should get rid of a hair or not. I generally use this technique to pluck some brow hairs but you have to be careful to draw on correctly.

2.After this I use a spoolie to brush down the brow hair diagonally. Now we can see the outlines we created and then can move on to the next step.

3.From there I fill in my brows diagonally within the lines to make sure it doesn’t end up looking messy but can keep the right shape.

4.For the next step, I use the spoolie to brush up the brow hair diagonally again, and here you can see than many little parts of the tail still need to be filled in. The fact that I fill in the brow from both sides makes it appear less harsh and more natural.

5.After this I fill in my brow hair diagonally just following the direction the brows were brushed into. After this I use a spoolie to brush out all the hair back into the natural brow shape. This is also when I fix any sparse areas which there are usually not many.

6.Finally, I use very light pressure to fill in the brow head. For this you could also use a lighter brow pencil or a powder for a more diffused and natural look. However, if you like bold brows you can apply more pressure but in my personal opinion this just looks too “fake” on me.

7.Here you can see the difference between my filled in brow on the left and my natural one on the right. The final step is to set your brows, I generally do this by using a brow gel but you can also use hairspray on your spoolie and brush through your brow hair then to set them. (Or use soap, another intriguing youtube trend)

Here’s what the final result looks like. Always keep in mind that  your brows grow differently and will never end up looking completely identical. I hope this has helped some people out who prefer a more natural brow and don’t know how to achieve it.

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