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Why you should continually challenge yourself

July 28, 2018

Photos taken by Nadia Kendall (@nadia.k_photography)

At the beginning of every new year, many people including myself, set themselves goals and objectives to work towards in order to become happier and more successful. More often than not, other priorities fill our lives and we neglect the things that could help us achieve personal growth and we forget to check how far we’ve made it. This post is to reflect on how far I’ve made it and what I still need to do to reach my goals and I am encouraging you to do the same, as it’s never too late to start your self-improvement journey.

In 2018, I’ve finally had my first real shoot with the extremely talented Nadia Kendall, who helped make me feel less awkward and worried by being very open and lovely to me. Having photos taken of myself is something I am not exactly comfortable with as it makes me feel vulnerable and nervous. Therefore, I decided to push myself in that regards this year to become more confident and face my irrational fear. Luckily, the experience of shooting with her has been very pleasant and made me realise that I should be taking the content I produce on my blog, as well as on other social platforms, more seriously and that I should dare to try new things and push my personal boundaries (and so should you).

I believe that it is important to set yourself small challenges every day in order to grow and experience new things. Therefore, I encourage my readers to do something new that you fear every day (even the smallest thing can help you get started) in order to live the way YOU want, and to become the happiest you could possibly be. The beginning of a new venture is always hard but very often those awkward beginning steps are essential in building yourself up and continually learning. Remember to always check in on yourself and on the improvements you’ve made or still have to make in order to grow.

“You can never know what you are fully made of until you start to do the things that fear you the most.”
Edmond Mbiaka



Dress by Topshop  (black and white version)

Top by Brandy Melville (similar)

Bag by Camelia Roma



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